GX4MWS Hackspace

A new space has been created in the club shack for members to work on their radio and electronic projects. Available to use is a range of tools, soldering iron and test equipment. What you need to provide is your project materials. We do not have stock of any components, wire, connectors.

A few club members have access to 3D Printers and can print components and items for you. Just bare in mind printing is not a quick process and you’ll have to design what you need printing in a 3D application like TinkerCAD or FreeCAD.

Some of our hackspace projects:

  • Baofeng UV-5R sound card for APRS
  • Yaesu FT857D Sound Card for Digital Modes
  • DIY QRP Magloop for M7JWS
  • 2E0NSR Solar Battery Generator

We have 3D printed between us many radio and antenna related items:

  • Desk stands for handhelds
  • Antenna Components and Structures
  • Radio Protection Rails
  • Replacement Morse Paddle Fingers
  • Complete Morse Paddles and Keys

Club Members: To get your hackspace featured on the website, remember to take photographs of the progress and write your project how-to / guide