ISS SSTV – December 2019

International Space Station

The ISS will once again be transmitting SSTV images over the last few days of the year. The event is scheduled to start at 11:00 UTC on the 28th December and run through till 18:20UTC on the 1st January.

The event will be supporting SSTV transmissions worldwide in memory of cosmonaut Alexei Leonov.

UK ISS Passes within the event times are:
Saturday 28th December: None! The space station will made passes before 11am for us.
Sunday 29th December: 3:36am 5:11am 6:48am 8:24am 10:01am 11:39am (Very sketchy pass)
Monday 30th December: 2:49am (Very sketchy pass) 04:23am 05:59am 07:36am 09:12am 10:50am (Very weak)
Tuesday 31st December: 2:02am (Very weak) 3:35am 5:10am 6:47am 8:24am 10:01am (Weak)
Wednesday 1st January: 2:46am 4:22am 5:58am 7:35am 9:12am

SSTV will be broadcast on the usual 145.800Mhz downlink and in PD120 format.

Good luck! Any images captured by members of the club will be added to the page!

2E0TXE is using a Yaesu FT857D with a Diamond X50.
M0VWT is using a Yaesu FT857D with a Diamond X510.

29th December 2019

30th December 2019

31st December 2019

1st January 2020

One thought on “ISS SSTV – December 2019

  • 28th December 2019 at 5:41 am

    ISS images can be captured using a handheld radio in FM mode tuned to 145.800 and Android app called DroidSSTV or Robot36. You don’t need any cables, so long as you are in a quiet environment the radio’s speaker can be picked up by the phone’s microphone to capture the image. You might find you need to adjust frequency from 145.795 to 145.805ish to get the strongest and loudest signal.

    Have fun!

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