DIY Tape Measure Yagi for 2m

6th September 2021 0 By 2E0TXE

Whilst browing around YouTube I came across this video from The Modern Rogue. With the guidance from Josh Nass, they construct a simple 2m Yagi antenna out of PVC pipe and fittings along with an old tape measure.

Remember to receive and transmit on FM you want to hold the yagi so that the elements or in this case tape measures are vertical. For SSB, FT8 and beacons you want to hold it so they are horizontal.

These antenna’s give you an excellent advantage in fox hunt events and brilliant for SSTV signals from the ISS. Also SOTA/POTA activations on 2m SSB.

Bring your antenna build to the club and we can check the SWR on the antenna analyser and fine tune it so you keep your radio happy!

Enjoy and 73s