Connecting to GX4MWS YSF Reflector

Connecting to GX4MWS YSF Reflector

8th March 2022 0 By 2E0TXE

This guide shows you the steps to connect to our club’s YSF Reflector using your Yaesu handheld. The steps on this guide work if you are connecting via a Hotspot or through a WiresX repeater anywhere in the world. Out of curtesy remember to disconnect the room if you are connecting via a repeater when you are done.

First step is to tune your radio to your Hotspot frequency and change the mode to digital /or/ if you are going to use to a WiresX enabled repeater, tune to that frequency and make sure no-one else is using it.

Press the WiresX button, on my FT3D here its the red X on the bottow row of buttons.

Once connected, you might have GX4MWS showing up flashing on the bottom line. If this is the case then tap it and you’ll get connected.

If you don’t have GX4MWS showing then tap Search & Direct.

This screen can have favourite for your reflectors, we can add those in another guide.

Tap Search & Direct bottom middle.

This is the keypad where you can search for Reflectors by name. You could type GB- and then ENT to search for all the GB reflectors.

Tap the ID in the top right corner and we can enter the room id directly for a quick entry way.

The keypad will change to a numeric one and you can tap out the number 08248

Once completed you can tap the ENT.

After tapping the ENT you’ll get a brief message saying Waiting, then the screen will change back to the WiresX with a Connected.

From here you can key the radio and announce your arrival. The ‘zero’ shown here after the Reflector name is the number of people in the room. It is like this occasion, sometimes out by a factor of one. It also doesn’t update live and never will.

A web based dashboard will be back once I’ve fixed the bugs on that side of link.

To disconnect (mainly when you are using a WiresX repeater) press and hold the BAND button. The radio will beep a few times and show Disconnected on the screen.

If you want to change to a different reflector you can use Search & Direct without disconnecting.

Some other interesting Reflectors:

23501 – CQ UK

46684 – Overland Group

48460 – Allstar UK

23426 – Freestar UK

57727 – Hubnet

13344 – North West UK

A reasonably full list is available at: