MB6IMW – Up and running!

29th May 2022 0 By 2E0TXE

Macclesfield now has its own Yaesu Wires-X Simplex Gateway! Adrian, M0PAI, with the help of others in the club has setup a Simplex Gateway onto the Wires-X network for the Macclesfield area. Coverage should be good in outdoor locations provided the usual, no tall buildings around, etc.

MB6IMW Connection Details:
Frequency: 431.0875
Mode: C4FM

By default its connected to the Macclesfield Radio Club Room, but can be changed when not in use to any other Wires-X room, using the usual method on your radio. Guides have already been published on the site, its the same process as have described for connecting to the GX4MWS room via a MMDVM hotspot.

Note: Due to the restrictions of the NoV it will not be running 24/7.