GxFF Autumn Activity Weekend

24th September 2021 0 By 2E0TXE


24th September 2021 - 27th September 2021    
All Day


A good opportunity to get new GxFF references in your log and pick up a certificate, please work as many of the activators as you can to reward their efforts over the long weekend.

Or join the WWFF and active your local park.

Some members of GX4MWS will be heading to local parks and activating them, details will follow on park references, times, etc.

M0PAI/P will be active as follows mainly 80m to 20m with some FT8 inbetween:
24th – GFF-0382 Eastern Moors RSPB
25th – GFF-0362 Cressbrook Dale
26th – GFF-0014 Peak Park