Sunday Funday! – 3rd November 2019

3rd November 2019 0 By 2E0TXE

Today saw Adrian M0PAI, Greg M0TXX, Chris M0VWT and Damian 2E0TXE down at the Shack. The mission was raising some new antenna’s. The recent Monday nights have seen the club build a 2m SlimJim antenna using some ladder line. That was erected and connected to our 2m receiver using some low-loss coax.

The rest of the morning saw us building an 80m dipole, and was raised during the course of the afternoon. Some SWR issues are present but its believed to be related to one of the dipole legs running around a tree.

**UPDATE** Adrian has since been at the club and relocated the troubled leg and tuned the antenna for a great match on 80m band