Activating L/O FM Satellites

22nd November 2021 1 By 2E0TXE


22nd November 2021    
7:30 pm - 11:30 pm


Packhorse Bowling Club
Abbey Road, Macclesfield, SK10 3AT
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Finish time will depend on passing satellites for this event. Club members wishing to take part in tracking satellites are welcome to bring their own yagi antenna and handheld or 2m radio.

If you need a 2m Yagi grab yourself some PVC water pipe from B&Q, and at least 2x crocodile clips from Sotabeams. In the shack are welding rods which can be cut to make your elements. All you need to do is drill the PVC pipe and push the elements through. Fix the crocodile clips to the ends of a length of a coax and clip those onto your driven elements.

If you need access to the shack this week to construct your antenna shout in the WhatsApp group.

We are hoping to look out for passes of SO-50, RS-44, NOAA Weather, and all being well the International Space Station.

Getting started:

Monday’s satellite passes:

19:09-19:19 RS-44
19:14-19:25 NOAA-15
19:19-19:29 NOAA-19
19:39-19:49 SO-50
19:52-20:01 NOAA-18
19:56-20:03 ISS - Voice repeater is enabled!
20:22-20:32 AO-85
20:54-21:00 AO-92
20:59-21:14 RS-44
21:21-21:27 SO-50
21:33-21:39 ISS again
21:31-21:42 NOAA-18
22:02-22:12 AO-85
<more fm passes>
23:10-23:15 ISS third time