SOTA Activation: 3x Groups!

22nd August 2022 0 By 2E0TXE


22nd August 2022    
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Tonight the club will perform a SOTA activation on one of our local summits.  The actual summit is to be decided by the members willing to do the climbing.

Group 1: Shining Tor – M0TXX, M1REK, G3CWI
Group 2: The Cloud – 2E0TXE, M7AQX
Group 3: Gunn – M0VWT

Members at the Shack:

Members away working but might get on 2m: M0PAI

Any other members wishing to take part please contact us via the WhatsApp group and we can add your callsign to the group party.