UKIECC 80m Contest

6th October 2021 0 By 2E0TXE


6th October 2021    
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm


These twice-monthly one hour contests are timed to coincide with the hours of darkness over most of the UK, Ireland and Europe. They are open to all stations anywhere to enter, and the scoring is distance based – similar to the very successful 160m Stew Perry Contest. The 2021-22 series runs from September 2021 until April 2022 – a total of 14 contests (7 on SSB, 7 on CW).

The contest exchange is simplified – no RST should be sent. These contests aim to encourage high quality operating, where each operator can balance speed of operating against logging accuracy. Those operators that can develop both of these essential skills while working the most stations at the *greatest distances* will always do best.   Scores will accumulate to give overall winners in each section at the end of the series.

These are primarily single-operator events, but individual entrants may also wish to enter our Teams competitions, either by forming a team of 3 entrants, with 1 reserve (i.e. a team of 4, but only 3 scores count in each contest) or as a team of two entrants. You have until the end of November 2021 to register your Team for this Teams competition.

SSB Dates:

6th October 2021, 3rd November 2021

Contest starts at 20:00 until 21:00 in UTC


SSB between 3.650 to 3.775kHz only.
Your 6 character locator only. No RST is required.
High Power – Upto 400w here in the UK
Low Power – 6 to 100w
QRP – Maximum of 5w


Logfiles need to be submitted in Cabrillo format (UKEICC-80M) by 22:00 UTC!

Some members of GX4MWS will be taking part in the contest. Just remember that your submitted logs must be sent in by 10pm UTC (an hour after the contest has finished)