Club Radio Night at Pyms Chair

22nd July 2019 0 By 2E0TXE

Tonight, 22nd July 2019, saw Adrian M0PAI, Chris M0VWT and Damian 2E0TXE head to Pym’s chair car park.

Setup at Pyms Chair

Once we got setup, and had a quick scan around we found the bands particularly 20m to be fairly quiet. We did some experiments with APRS via RF and using the Android application to send messages and were discussing possible uses.

Later the activity arrived on 20m and we managed a call to the Bentley motors special event station GB100BM along with a couple of other QSOs. 40m was also a busy band.

Damian, 2E0TXE setup from his motorcycle

Adrian also experimented with DStar linking via the Stoke repeater to Chris’s phone using the Peanut app. Damian called CQ on DMR Simplex but there was nothing heard back. Some refinements for the motorcycle setup need to be completed for the next trip out just to make setup easier.

Overall an enjoyable evening and very fortunate this time around to have much better weather, be sure to follow the event calendar and come join us on the next club outing!